On 5 March 2013 an advertisement was placed in the Selwyn Times newspaper inviting interested parents/caregivers to attend a meeting with representatives from IDEA Services (IHC).  The meeting was in regard to setting up some sort of service in the Selwyn district that would benefit school leavers who have an intellectual or physical disability.

On 14 March 2013 a meeting was held at the Kirwee Community Hall supper room as a result of the newspaper advertisement.  Thirty two people attended the meeting.  A steering group committee was formed, made up of parents, IDEA Services (IHC) staff, and other interested people.
Many thanks to Sandra Gilmour’s vision and Olive Webb’s help … the group was soon to become  a reality.

On 30 July 2013 a group of six young adults attended the first session, run by IDEA Services (IHC) at the Rolleston Community Centre.